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Winter Special Woolen Care: Tips To Wash And Iron Woolen Clothes

We’re obsessed with hot coffee while snuggling up under a blanket, binge-watching Netflix, and doing nothing on the weekends now that winter has arrived with its cold temperatures. But there’s no sun to dry the bulky wool clothing that’s currently in the washing machine, so you’re thinking maybe you should wash it over the weekend. Thus, the cycle keeps going, making your wool clothing progressively more soiled and duller. The question that now comes is: How should wool garments be maintained?

It’s challenging washing wool garments. The majority of people think that having them wash and iron services is preferable due to the delicate quality of the cloth.

Thus, we have compiled the top tips to help you take care of your woollen clothes without having to break the bank on washing services.

Tips To Wash & Iron Woolen Clothes

  1. Proper Way To Wash Woolen Clothes

Wool needs a lot of care because it’s a susceptible fabric. Therefore, unless and until it has been specified to dry clean the fabric, it is recommended to wash it by hand only! Therefore, it is best to use a detergent that is pH-neutral and free of bleach, brighteners, whiteners, and stain removers.

Things to Consider while cleaning woollens:

  • Never soak your clothing in water for an extended period.
  • Use neutral detergent.
  • After rinsing it, don’t squeeze it out too hard.
  • Use cold water when washing woollen materials.
  • Select the delicate mode on the washing machine.
  1. How to Dry Your Woolen Clothes?

Woollen clothing must be appropriately dried to prevent shrinking, maintain its shape and attractiveness, and prevent the growth of mould and mildew. It is also essential for minimising the growth of odours and maintaining the natural softness and drape of the cloth.

Factors to Consider When Drying Woollens:

  • Avoid drying wool in the sun.
  • Avoid hanging them, as this will alter their size and form.
  • Have them dry-cleaned once a year or more.
  • To keep your wool shiny, let it dry at room temperature.
  1. How to Dry Your Woolen Clothes?

The first rule of ironing woollens, it seems, is not to iron them. Wool is a protein fibre that burns or melts readily in scorching temperatures. It might get stiff and lifeless. Therefore, laundry ironing services suggested pressing woollen items using a press cloth, such as a cotton sheet or pillowcase, rather than an iron OR. It will reduce the possibility of melting or burning the cloth by protecting it from the direct heat of the iron.

Things you need to consider when ironing woollens:

  • Use a steamer for clothes rather than an iron.
  • Iron on the opposite side at all times.
  • Avoid over-ironing.
  • If you’re using an iron press, make sure it’s on low heat.
  • Avoid ironing woollen clothing once it has dried.
  1. Store your woollen garment carefully:

Woollen garments need to be maintained with care to prevent damage, maintain their shape and attractiveness, keep pests out, and save up room. It is the most important thing you can do to keep your woollens vibrant.

Things to consider when storing woollens:

  • Keep your woollens in a dark, cold, and dry place.
  • To keep bugs away, wash and iron services experts suggest storing mothballs, cedar blocks, and neem leaves.
  • To avoid moisture buildup and the creation of pest breeding grounds, choose a container or garment bag for storage that permits ventilation and is made of breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen.
  • Fold your woollen garments neatly to save space, or hang them to preserve their beauty and shape.
  • Above all, make sure your clothing is clean before storing them somewhere.
  1. Maintain Woolen Clothes

As woollens are delicate, we are unable to wash them after each wear. Therefore, wash and iron services are advised that you wash them once. Thus, we need to change some habits in order to care for our woollens properly.

Change these habits to preserve the woollens’ quality:

  • Always empty pockets on woollens after use to prevent them from sagging or bulging.
  • To get rid of sweat and other odours, always hang your garments outside after wearing them.
  • To start cleaning off surface dirt, use a soft brush.
  • Have a yearly dry cleaning done on them.
  • Store your woollens in a different type of garment bag.


It shouldn’t be challenging to keep your favourite woollens warm and comfortable. You can make sure your winter clothing remains fashionable, soft, and new for the entire season by adhering to these easy steps and thinking about hiring Hello Laundry for expert wash and iron services. With Hello Laundry’s skilled laundry ironing services, you can extend the life of your woollens and free up more time to enjoy the comfort of winter!



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